Aviation AO-1989-036

Zenair Zenith CH200 ZK-ESV, lost power and collided with terrain after take-off, Culverden Aerodrome, 30 March 1989
Status: Closed
Legacy Inquiry Number: 
Occurrence Date: 
30 March 1989
Report Publication Date: 
12 March 1992
Jurisdiction: NZ
The homebuilt aircraft, which had been constructed by the owner pilot, was observed taking off from Culverden to return to Christchurch. The take-off and initial climb appeared normal but at a height of about 200 feet agl the engine was heard to falter and misfire. The aircraft entered a spin to the left and collided with the ground just north of the aerodrome. The pilot and passenger received fatal injuries.
Culverden Aerodrome